“Talking to your computer as if it were human”

women Oct 06, 2017

 Conversational Intelligence® is even more important in the gig economy and tech start up work world.

Have you ever received an email where the writer sets out their point of view without any regard for what you might think?  A popular term for interactions now is UX or User experience, and I attended a great conference (for women) in London Ontario.  …but more about that later

Recently, I spent an hour hearing all about Conversational Intelligence® from world class experienced business leaders and coaches as part of this year’s online WBECS leadership conference.  Led by Len Rothman, of Leadership @ Work, we discussed how conversations can be used to get into the work flow and feel really good about it.

He asked us to start by thinking about a time when we felt anxious or angry and then about a time when we felt really good.  Have you tried listening to understand? I think a lot of people listen to figure out what they are going to...

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