How do you show up

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2018

Women leaders take flight


Future fit your leadership value Newsletter 2018-03-12


Good morning! It’s day 2 of the time change and it’s still dark.  I think it will be sunny and spring like, what’s it like where you are? Send me an email!


How do you show up?


Are you curious and listen or do you speak out boldly?

Right now, I’m reading Judith Glasser’s book about conversational intelligence.  “Selling” is a top skill identified for future fitness, not door to door encyclopedias, but listening to needs, identifying pain points and crafting solutions. When I talk to younger people many shirk from the term “marketing” and sales. I know I did. However, without business development, a company won’t earn revenue and people won’t get paid.

In the past, commercial and b to b sales were men’s games. Although men still dominate, there are lots of opportunities. Empathy, listening and other skills that women are great at can be in short supply in homogeneous male cultures. To get the opportunities, selling or pitching has to be the better way than the alternatives.


Have you found your sweet spot?

If you haven’t, start looking. If you have start pitching to it!


What I’m reading today


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