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Uncategorized Jul 07, 2017


What keeps you awake at night?  Maybe it's questions like:

  • "Am I a fraud?"
  • "How could anyone come to me for advice? "
  •  "Why should I think I'm any good?"  or
  • "How could I balance my life if I accept that job?" 

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By now, maybe you've heard the revelations about how men and women really are treated differently, especially in tech and entrepreneurial environments.  This week, the stories I've posted in the Women Leaders Take Flight Facebook Group include:

  • - prominent thought leader and head of 500 Startups, Dave McClure resigned because of sexual harassment charges;
  • - findings that when pitching for VC funding, women not only get asked different questions then men, but also are likely to be described by negative adjectives when men are described by positive ones.
  • - now there is a new study out  discounting the benefits of diverse teams for being innovative.   Published in the Harvard Business Journal, the report found that homogeneous teams were better at implementation because they get along with each other better.  

To me it sounds like girls shouldn't be allowed in the club house because they'll break the rules. I'd bet that the teams studied had token individuals rather than balanced equity.


I think governments like Justin  Trudeau's Canadian Liberal cabinet with 50/50 equity and others around the world shows that equitably diverse teams can be innovative and implement their ideas.  I  also think this might be used to justify cronyism and for predominantly male CEOs to hire guys like them.  

From the way women are described to how women's skills like listening and empathy are compared to men;s dominance in taking control of situations and punching their decision and agendas, it definitly is to time change the "game".

I loved reading:

  • Debra Chamberlin's post on Medium for men to "Lean In" and recognize that they need to change rather than defend themselves.  
  • how women are participating in "gamified" bootcamps to overcome our fear of rejection,  how pitching is like riding up a hill by having to push  really hard in Granny gear until you build up steam.  
  • and how Emma Stone's male colleagues actually  took a pay cut so that she would have parity with them, thus increasing her pay for future roles. 

So I'd like to know, "what are your biggest internal challenges to overcome".  My biggest has always been convincing someone about my idea when (usually) he wasn't already on my side.  I have also avoided opportunities where I thought I might fail, like speaking at conferences, because there guys hankering to do it. 

I talked with a colleague recently and we found we both experience self-doubt about our capabilities. Yet, with the evidence that it's not just about me but about women in general, really seemed to give me breakthrough confidence.  

My challenge to you is to identify the top leadership quality or skill that is holding you back and break through it.  If you haven't already joined Women Leaders Take Flight, please ask for me to send you an invite.  If you are already a member, post a comment.  

I'm going to post this as a Facebook Live Rant  and would love to hear your comments. 


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