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Women leaders take flight


Future fit your leadership value Newsletter 2018-03-10


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Self-awareness is critical to taking the next steps, whether that means making a successful business case for a project that will meld your passion with serving your organization’s mission and KPIs or Key performance objectives.

I believe International women’s day 2018 will cast a new shining light and  baea beacon of hope.  Why?  In my locale, the provincial government past legislation that salaries for job postings from government and employers of over 500, need to include salary postings AND individual compensation needs to be public. 

When I think back to times when I’ve become disengaged, it’s come after a time when I’ve worked hard, received management acknowledgement verbally, and then been “granted” additional responsibilities, and then denied more money.  Then I’ve found out that people I m working closely with were getting bonuses and I wasn’t.

 I attended Linked in Toronto panel with broadcaster Mary Garofalo, where she told her story about how when she was working late one weekend night, a colleague told her that the other (male) anchors on her show, who were all at home in bed with their families, were all making over $100 000 more than her. That’s when she quit, sure her boss upped her pay, but only after she had packed up and was headed out the door with her boxes.  Another senior engineer I know found out her male colleague who was lower on the team than her and who had a lower billable rate, was taking home a bigger pay cheque. 

Some people call the new work model of contract assignment, or lean staffing, the gig economy. I prefer to call it the Hollywood economy.  Money is made by coming up with an idea, pitching to investors, getting a director and key talent on board and then filling in tech and support and working out a production schedule. That’s why, to me, the #metoo movement is the yip of the iceberg.  Just this week, Susan Sarandon announced that Paul Newman had given her a cut of his earnings when they worked together on a movie.  Women are more likely than men to take unpaid internships, earn less out of the gate in early jobs and career plateau early.


Our maintenance stuff costs more, compare the cost of hair cuts, business wear to the price of tuxes and couture evening gowns.  Add on that women are more likely to do more housework, pay for daycare and when relationships sour, be left with less when the marriage falls apart. 

We’re realizing that there’s a lot we can do for ourselves.  By identifying your unique leadership acumen value, you can boost your confidence and increase your future fit for roles where you can shine.

Over and over I seen evidence that close family and friends that you’ve grown up with won’t give a woman the same “go for it”, “you’ve got this” encouragement they’d give your brother. London MP Kate Young talked about how early in her career she worked for free at a radio station because she was told, we won’t hire you because we hired a woman once and it didn’t work out.


Where to start?

Think Hollywood!  Build your future fit playbook.  Focus on, as Steve Jobs quoted Wayne Gretzky, and "skate where the puck is going” .

My wish for you, before the next International women’s day comes around, is for you to write your next project plan like a Hollywood movie script with yourself as the hero.

What’s your hero’s journey?

Be your own producer and director.

Who do you need in supporting roles, lighting, camera, costumes and sets?

Wow your audience. Win awards.

 You’ve got this!

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