Are you a mom with kids who is ready to go back to work or move on but feels stuck?

If you lie awake at night wondering how you will live a life that brings you joy, purpose and aligns with your values, this FREE DOWNLOAD will get you started.

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Resilient, Persistent and Professional

If you want personal fulfilment and to follow your dreams, you may feel overwhelmed when you have just had your second child (or maybe your third) and you might feel that your life will never feel the same again.



I know the feeling. When I had my first, I was on the top of the world with a great job, family support and I even got back to my fitness program quickly.  Five years later, I had a Director level job and we decided to have a brother or a sister for my daughter. Turns out it was two brothers.  I got back on my feet and landed a new job but it was a lot of flying by the seat of my pants and figuring it out as I went along.

Now, you can take the uncertainty out of getting over ”mom-itus” .

I look forward to helping you achieve personal fulfilment, follow you dreams and get the laundry done! Welcome Your Next Chapter in Women Leaders Take Flight.


Beat isolation, build your support system and social capital to sleep better at night because you know you are getting SH%& done!

Build  flexibility into your  day to focus on the people and projects you value most. 


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